2019 Preliminary Results

RSA Group


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Strong results for 2019

  • Total Group profits up on all measures
  • Record current year underwriting profit, up by £229m

Excluding exit portfolios:

  • Group underwriting profit £405m, combined ratio 93.6%
  • Underlying EPS 44.5p per share, return on tangible equity 16.0%
  • UK & International region underwriting profit £144m; combined ratio 95.0%

Statutory profit before tax £492m, impacted by exits and other charges

Dividends 23.1p per share, up 10% (final dividend 15.6p)


Stephen Hester, RSA Group Chief Executive, commented:

"We are pleased to report strong results for RSA in 2019. Our profits are up, our dividends are up and return on tangible equity is very good. This progress is driven by improved underwriting, which has produced record current year profits and combined ratio.

2019 was an important period for RSA. Significant management renewal and a repositioning of our UK & International division are showing good promise. Our Groupwide focus on underwriting improvement with strong cost control proved effective. Yet there is plenty more we can do to improve each of our businesses for customers and shareholders. There are challenges, but we are determined to drive further progress and high performance."

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